A notified body is a third party entity designated by the competent authority of an EU Member State with a mutual recognition agreement (MRA) with the European Union to perform conformity assessment tasks described within a given Directive.

A list of the designated notified bodies is available on the European Commission website, including details of the address of each notified body and the tasks for which they have been notified. A single entity may be notified for more than one Directive.

The Notified Body shall be obliged to participate in the EC certification process of a product where the manufacturer has not fully applied the relevant parts of the harmonized standards necessary to demonstrate compliance with the Directives, or there are no harmonized standards applicable to the product itself.

InLab submits Technical Files to various European Notified Bodies, for the EMC Directives 2014/30/EU and Radio 2014/53/EU, in order to help manufacturers obtaining the EU-Type Examination Certificate.
Our support speeds up the process with less objections / remarks from the Body.