InLab thanks to its mobile laboratory, is able to carry out measurements and verifications of electromagnetic compatibility and electrical safety at the customer’s premises.

The essential requirements imposed by the European Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC), which apply to the majority of electrical/electronic equipment, require that these equipment must be designed and manufactured to ensure that:

  • the electromagnetic emission does not exceed a specific level above which other electrical / electronic equipment cannot function as intended;

  • the electromagnetic immunity shall allow the equipment to operate without unacceptable degradation of the intended use.

It is not always possible or practical to transport large or heavy objects, machinery or vehicles to a properly equipped EMC test laboratory or Open Area Test Site (OATS).

In this case or in the case of complex installations, on-site verification of the equipment or vehicle may be the only option.

The testing activity at the customer site is different from the one performed in the laboratory, due to the environmental differences in which the tests are carried out.

These differences shall be described and justified in the technical file.

InLab defines the testing plan, organizes and carries out the On-Site tests, presents the results in the Technical File. To certify the correctness of the process, InLab can involve the Notified Body for the EU-Type Certification.