Automotive Type-Approvals

Automotive manufacturers must consider that before selling, each new vehicle or component must be approved by a Ministry of Transport through an homologation process that must fulfill the related country’s standards.

These legislative requirements allow to guarantee the construction of the components or the vehicle in compliance with European regulations or ECE UN regulations, as well as the products quality and production processes, validated by a Ministry of Transport through an audit of Production Conformity (Cop Audit).

Inlab supports companies for activities before, during and after approval tests according to the Regulations applicable to the Component/Vehicle. On the basis of these activities and following the necessary investigation phase, Inlab interfaces with the identified Ministry of Transport in order to get the type-certificates.

Our experienced engineers provide their decades of expertise to:


in order to obtain type-certificates in accordance with UN/ECE regulations and EU directives

Engineering problem solving

in case of non-compliance during testing

Consulting and Assistance

in the interpretation of automotive standards

Documents drawing up

where necessary in various languages, related to type-approval

InLab, through its network of collaborations, is able to direct the customer to the most responsive Transport Authority of the moment supporting the entire approval process.

Useful Links:

UN/ECE Regulations

EU Directives and Regulations

  Vehicles and assessable components:

  • Cars, trucks, buses

  • Mopeds, motorcycles and tricycles

  • Agricultural tractors

  • Working and construction machinery

  • Automotive components

  • After-market automotive products

  • Electric scooters, e-bikes