The future of mobility is electric. European and international standards are pushing towards electric or hybrid means of transport and cars, to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and make the mobility of people and goods sustainable in the long term.


Industrial machines such as cranes, forklifts, AGVs are involved in this paradigm shift, in addiction to cars, scooters, motorcycles, bicycles. New electric vehicles for personal mobility such as kick-scooters, hoverboards and others have appeared on the market and are becoming increasingly popular.

InLab is the right partner for everything related to electric mobility and the electrification of machines/car. Our experts will be by your side, offering a wide range of services for the sector of E-MOBILITY AND ELECTRIFICATION:

  • Approval or certification of complete vehicle and/or components

  • Battery or Battery Charger testing

  • OBC (On Board Charger) testing and approval

  • E-Kick scooters and e-Bikes testing and certification, according to the two European reference standards: EN 15194 (e-Bikes) and EN 17128 (e-Kick scooters)

  • Certification for charging infrastructures

  • Support for the electrification of machines/cars, i.e. the transformation of fossil fuel-powered machines into electric machines