Electrical Safety

InLab performs laboratory tests to assess the products conformity on electrical safety. Testing and verification shall be carried out in accordance with harmonized and non-harmonized standards.


Main Standards:

  • EN 62368-1 (Audio/video, information and communication technology equipment)

  • EN 60335-1 (Safety of electrical household and similar appliances)

  • EN 61010-1 (Measuring, control and laboratory equipment)

  • EN 60598-1 (Luminaires)

  • EN 61439-x (Electrical panels)

Electrical Safety

The main tests carried out concern::

  • Tests of Dielectric Strength

  • Insulation tests

  • Protective ground terminal (with adjustable current up to 25A and adjustable voltage)

  • Leakage Currents

  • Detection and monitoring of temperatures on equipment with data logger with thermocouples, infrared thermometers and thermal camera

  • Environmental Tests in Climatic Chamber

  • IP Code

EMC Pre-compliance

In order to help Customers during the product certification process, Inlab is able to perform EMC pre-compliance tests according to the international standards.

This approach gives a quicker and cheaper response about product conformity to the standards requirements.

EMC Pre-compliance

Performed Tests

  • Shielding effectiveness

  • Immunity to conducted disturbances

  • Conducted emissions (continuous and discontinuous interference)

  • Electrostatic discharge immunity (ESD)

  • Immunity to fast electrical transients/bursts

  • Harmonics of current

  • Immunity to radiated fields

  • Immunity to induced voltage

  • Electrical interference

  • Radiated and EMF emissions (electromagnetic fields)

  • Voltage fluctuation/flicker

  • Immunity to surge

  • Immunity to voltage dips/power outages

on products

Under the LVD and RED directives, products must be assessed for the exposure risk to electromagnetic fields.
Inlab is able to support in the product conformity assessment according to the harmonized standards.

Lithium Ion Batteries

InLab offers a wide range of services to ensure the safety and compliance of lithium-ion batteries in order to mitigate the potential risks.

Our services include:

  • Transport test according to UN 38.3

  • Safety test according to EN 62133

  • Testing of products containing lithium-ion batteries

  • Electrical safety testing of chargers according to EN 62368-1, IEC / EN 60335-2-29

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Test (EMC) according to EMC Directive 2014/30 / EU and FCC for USA