UN 38.3

Inlab is able to verify compliance of your Lithium battery with UN 38.3

Lithium batteries are classified as dangerous goods (Class 9) as regards the methods of transportability, in the context of the publication UN 38 Sect.3

In order to be safely transported by road, by ship or by air, they must past the tests indicated in section 38.3 of the United Nations Manual:

Manual of Tests and Criteria – UNECE

This standard has been adopted by transport regulatory authorities around the world, thus making it a requirement to access the global market.

Inlab is able to carry out the following tests regarding UN 38.3:

T1 – Altitude simulation

T2 – Thermal test

T3 – Vibrations

T4 – Shocks

T5 – External short circuit

T6 – Impact/Crush*

T7 – Overcharge

T8 – Forced discharge*


*(for cells only)